Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Doggies cookies

I learn this cookies from net
But,i am not very pro in it..
The cookies nice to be see but i still need to improve the ingredients
But,it is quite difficult to make the ear..etc
Get recipe from here.Thx for your sharing.

Ingredients for 110pcs of cute doggy cookie:-

Butter 250g
Horlick 120g
Corn flour 40g
Milk powder 40g
Cake Flour 250g
Caster sugar 30g
Egg Yolk 1


1. Beat butter and sugar till creamy

2. Add in egg yolk
3. Add in Horlick, flour and milk powder, and mix well (don't over done)

4. Weight dough 10g each and shape into small round ball and decorate with:
Ear- Nestle KoKo Krunch
Nose- chocolate chips
Eyes- chocolate rice

5. Bake at pre-heat oven for 25mins at 150c
Important note:- Immediately store the cookies in airtight container (like above picture) once it turned cool, so the cookie will not turn soggy.


I love Spaghetti if i cook well in it
Mushroom is the ingredient that i need and use it every time.
I am same as many,using Prego as my sauce
I put some crab stick,sometimes potata...etc
It is very easy to serve and the main is the noodles must serve in cold water.

Cheddar cheese cake

Tried my 1st cake and helped from my grandmum
It is really quite nice as i make it
When serve it from refrigerator,it be more tasty
My sis love it very much.
Here are some of the recipe from Hsling

鸡蛋 3 个 (蛋白与蛋黄分开)

幼糖 50 克

塔塔粉 1/4 小匙

芝士片 3 片

鲜奶 50 毫升

牛油 50 克

面粉 50 克





预热烤箱 150 度,隔水烘烤 50 分钟

Mee hon

I tried meehon many times
but the most ingredients that i love is small prawn and onion
Add on spagetti sauce~
They make the meehon better and taste nice
Enjoy my lunch with my mum.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I get the recipe from
The recipe didnt contain any sugar as i look
Hmm...1st time make puff..the dough without sugar will be no taste
But,i put ice cream with some nuts,it is better...
I would like to search the better recipe to try my best

100ml water
60g normal flour
45g butter
2 egg

Mix water+butter in the cooking pan with small gas
After that,mix with the flour...and let it be cold for about 10 mins
Add on the egg...Finally..using pipping bag and some moles to make a small ship on the paper..
Bake with 200 degree with 20 mins

Oreo Muffin

Try my 1st time to bake a oreo muffin
Its not bad,bought the mixture from bake well ^^
I love OREO..

Cheese Tart

I promised myself need to make the dough better and nicer..
Yeap,i did it..
I changed the recipe and get it from my neighbour..
She is really kind of that
Thx you ^^
Here are some pictures,take a look.