Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Doggies cookies

I learn this cookies from net
But,i am not very pro in it..
The cookies nice to be see but i still need to improve the ingredients
But,it is quite difficult to make the ear..etc
Get recipe from here.Thx for your sharing.

Ingredients for 110pcs of cute doggy cookie:-

Butter 250g
Horlick 120g
Corn flour 40g
Milk powder 40g
Cake Flour 250g
Caster sugar 30g
Egg Yolk 1


1. Beat butter and sugar till creamy

2. Add in egg yolk
3. Add in Horlick, flour and milk powder, and mix well (don't over done)

4. Weight dough 10g each and shape into small round ball and decorate with:
Ear- Nestle KoKo Krunch
Nose- chocolate chips
Eyes- chocolate rice

5. Bake at pre-heat oven for 25mins at 150c
Important note:- Immediately store the cookies in airtight container (like above picture) once it turned cool, so the cookie will not turn soggy.

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